Insuring Investments.
Enhancing Returns.

With a focus on reducing uncertainty during complex transactions, the Hylant M&A and Transaction Solutions team advises clients by developing customized, value-added solutions to ensure investments are safe while maximizing financial returns to support their strategies.

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Who We Are

Hylant M&A and Transaction Solutions looks at individual transactions with a holistic approach, not just through an insurable risk lens. By understanding the enterprise-wide impact a transaction can have on an organization, we are able to provide a customized solution that fits your needs. 

As a true business advisor, we help our clients connect the dots with all stakeholders. Whether it’s the CEO, a board member, a member of the executive team, or a consultant you have engaged, we understand each person has a different perspective on the transaction.

What We Do


Through a risk-focused due diligence process, we analyze the financial and qualitative impacts an acquirer should be aware of, including property insurance, employee benefits, retirement plans, key employee compensation or life insurance.


With significant expertise in representations & warranty, environmental risk, and tax-related matters, we build insurance solutions and place policies to transfer risk to third-party insurers.


When capital like debt, equity or other forms of security is not available, we design bespoke forms of insurance capital to facilitate a transaction.


We work through a formal process to strategically evaluate the financial, operational and enterprise risks of the organization. This process improves the ability to make informed decisions when determining how best to deploy resources.

Who We Serve

Whether looking for support for your next acquisition or guidance on how to mitigate risk during a large transaction, we have the expertise and creativity to provide unique solutions. Regardless of your industry, your location or your specific needs, Hylant M&A and Transaction Solutions is here to serve you.

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Advice From Our Blog

"With an already troublesome economy buffeted by the double whammy of COVID-19 and social unrest, many otherwise healthy companies struggle to find their footing. Many of these companies are in search of private funding.

That created tremendous opportunities for private equity sources and family offices that have capital ready to invest. While [they] have great confidence in their business managers or other professionals they have entrusted to protect assets, those professionals may not be completely comfortable with complex transactions or familiar with the risks associated with a particular company or industry."

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